The Players Behind Justin Bieber's 'Peaches': See the Full Credits

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber, "Peaches"

This week, Justin Bieber made Billboard chart history by becoming the first solo male to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts simultaneously. "Peaches," his latest single from the Justice album, topped the former tally with 30.6 million streams and 16,000 downloads in the week ending March 25; it also drew 12.1 million radio airplay audience impressions in the week ending March 28.

“Peaches” marks Bieber’s seventh No. 1 on the Hot 100 and fourth track to debut in the top position. It's also the first Hot 100 No. 1 single for the song's featured artists, Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

Explore the team of musicians, producers and more behind the track with recording credits provided by Jaxsta below.

Main Artist - Justin Bieber
Featured Artist - Daniel Caesar
Featured Artist - Giveon

Composer Lyricist - Aaron Simmonds
Composer Lyricist - Andrew Wotman
Composer Lyricist - Ashton Simmonds
Composer Lyricist - Bernard Harvey
Composer Lyricist - Felisha King
Composer Lyricist - Giveon Dezmann Evans
Composer Lyricist - Justin Bieber
Composer Lyricist - Keavan Yazdani
Composer Lyricist - Louis Bell
Composer Lyricist - Luis Manuel Martinez Jr
Composer Lyricist - Matthew Sean Leon

Producer - HARV
Producer - Shndo

Production Team:
Vocal Producer - Andrew Watt
Vocal Producer - Josh Gudwin

Assistant Mixer - Heidi Wang
Asst. Recording Engineer - Ryan Lytle
Mastering Engineer - Colin Leonard
Mixer - Josh Gudwin
Vocal Engineer - Andrew Watt
Vocal Engineer - Josh Gudwin

Associated Performer - Andrew Watt
Associated Performer - Josh Gudwin
Bass - HARV
Guitar - HARV
Keyboards - HARV
Piano - HARV

Distributor - Universal Music Group
Label - RBMG/Def Jam

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