Spotify Introduces New Personalized Mixes Based on Artists, Genres & Decades

Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify has introduced "Spotify Mixes," a new family of personalized playlists based on users' favorite artists, genres and decades which begin rolling out to both free and premium global users today (March 31).

The new playlists, which were first teased at Spotify's virtual "Stream On" event last month, are inspired by Daily Mix, which Spotify says is its most popular personalized playlist among users. Now, Spotify is adding three new mix categories: Artist Mix, Genre Mix and Decade Mix.

Each mix category will include several playlists which are "rooted in familiarity," according to Spotify's blog post announcement, "meaning that you won’t just hear your favorite artists, but your favorite songs from those artists." However, as those playlists evolve over time, they will also include recommendations based on insights from the users' listening habits, updating frequently.

"Based on the music you already love, while offering a new opportunity for discovery, these new Spotify Mixes represent the next generation of focused, personalized offerings at Spotify — right at your fingertips," the blog post reads

Users can find the new mixes by searching the "Made For You" hub. Concurrent with today's announcement, Spotify has also unveiled the fourth episode of its podcast Spotify: A Product Story, in which Spotify chief R&D officer Gustav Söderström explains the company's take on machine learning.