Bulldog DM Hires Simon Rust Lamb And Launches New Joint Venture

Simon Lamb
DeMille Halliburton

Simon Lamb

Livestream studio Bulldog DM is announcing the hire of veteran entertainment executive Simon Rust Lamb, Esq. as COO and as co-founding partner of curiosity preservation society, a JV with Bulldog DM dedicated to producing original livestreams.

As CEO of curiosity preservation society, Lamb will chart its creative course and develop original livestream programming in collaboration with a diverse range of partners from across entertainment, philanthropy and music.

Powered by Bulldog DM's premium production and unique interactive capabilities, the originals will focus on connecting communities and supporting philanthropic missions.

"Bulldog’s incredible growth over the last eight years has brought us to a point where we’re seeking investment to expand our capabilities and our creativity," says Bulldog DM’s chief and founder John Petrocelli. "Simon’s proven ability to lead a creative company through incredible growth and his passion for livestreaming made him a perfect fit."

Lamb's extensive experience in producing livestreams, music festivals and independent film, along with his long history in journalism, will complement Bulldog DM’s expertise in the production and distribution of custom streams for Fortune 100 brands and entertainment companies.

He is a live entertainment strategist and attorney whose practice specializes in large-scale music festivals, and has been deeply engaged with non-profits, including serving on the boards of Film2Future and Pablove. He formerly worked as COO and General Counsel at Live Nation subsidiary Insomniac, the producer of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and other major festivals. Lamb is now applying his experience and creativity to livestreaming.

“There’s so much creative exploration to do in livestreaming and Bulldog DM is the most forward-thinking player,” explains Lamb. “It reminds me of when I was throwing raves in the desert: There are no rules, just a chance to create memories and build communities in an evolving space that is very accessible.”

As the CEO of curiosity preservation society, Lamb and Bulldog DM plan to take a collaborative approach to creating original content in their new partnership.

"We want to be a force for good, and we’ll develop programs that will be best served as livestreams that also support this mission," says Lamb. "Bulldog DM is the best at livestreaming stories for our clients, but now feels like the right time to use our skills to expand our storytelling and create original content "