'And The Writer Is…' Duo to Review Songwriter Demos in New YouTube (Definitely Not Twitch) Series

Courtesy of SpinLab

Hit songwriters Ross Golan and Joe London, the guys behind the popular music podcast "And the Writer Is…," are launching a new live web series later this week dedicated to finding and mentoring new writers. On "And the Demo Is…," which makes its debut on Thursday (Dec. 17) on their podcast's YouTube channel, Golan and London will give a real-time critique of a demo from an up-and-coming writer, then include advice for them.

More new episodes of the series will hit Google's YouTube in the new year, and songwriters are encouraged to upload their demos for a chance to be featured. The series is a companion to "And the Writer Is…," in which Golan chats with a well-known songwriter about their craft. Artists featured during its current season, the show's sixth, have included Linda Perry ("Beautiful"), Peter Frampton ("Show Me the Way") and Meghan Trainor ("Lips Are Moving’"), among others.

According to Golan, he and London had originally planned on airing "Demo" on Twitch, but changed course after hearing criticism of the Amazon-owned service, which has come under fire in recent months by industry groups, including the RIAA and the NMPA, for its dearth of music licenses.

"It came to light however that Twitch refuses to pay songwriters for the use of their songs," Golan said. "They're simply stealing music and we will never partner with platforms that actively act in bad faith to hurt our community. So, we're proudly switching to YouTube, who has been successfully reaching out to the music industry to build a bridge between their platform and us."