ASM Global Announces San Antonio Complex and Arena

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ASM Global and Port San Antonio announced initial timelines for the construction of a $60-million, 130,000-square-foot Innovation Center complex which includes a 2,500-seat, multi-purpose technology arena.

The complex is expected to be completed in 2022 and will have the ability to accommodate esports competitions, concerts, corporate functions, elite hospitality, an array of hands-on educational programs in leading technologies, and more.

"We salute the Port and its leadership for their forward-thinking vision and desire to further develop the large campus into a hub for global innovation," said ASM Global CEO and president Bob Newman in a release. "We look forward to partnering in bringing this innovative, world-class venue to life and delivering unparalleled experiences for the entire South Texas region and beyond."

Construction will begin this October for the complex located in the heart of the 1,900-acre Port campus on the site of San Antonio’s former Kelly Field Air Force Base. Key highlights of the project include a full scale food hall, a 24-hour LAN gaming center and the 2,500-seat configurable arena. The complex will also be home to the new San Antonio Museum of Science & Technology (SAMSAT).

"In an increasingly connected world, this Innovation Center will help develop and strengthen the best talent and ideas with a sharp focus on addressing todays’ biggest challenges and participating in an exciting world of opportunities across the nation and around the world to solve those challenges," said Port president and CEO Jim Perschbach in a release. "We could not have selected a better partner in this project than ASM Global to join our ecosystem in San Antonio and further raise our community’s profile as a leading destination and global competitor in today’s most advanced technologies."

All profits from the Innovation Center will be reinvested to support technology-focused education at the facility and elsewhere in the region, including K-12 STEM/STEAM programs as well as professional development programs.

Courtesy of RVK Architects