Spotify Combines Artist, Label Analytics In One Place

Spotify for Artists
Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify for Artists

Spotify announced in a blog post today (May 15) that it will be combining its separate data and analytics dashboards, one of which was for artists and managers, the other of which was for labels and distributors, into one place: a revamped Spotify For Artists.

The new configuration will allow labels and distributors -- whose previous dashboard was called Spotify Analytics -- to access and help manage artists' profiles on the platform, with a log of actions documenting any edits or changes made to allow multiple parties to work together on one page. Artists and managers will have access to the same set of real-time stats, data and analytics metrics, pitch playlist editors, manage their Canvas; labels and distributors will have access to the Spotify For Artists mobile apps.

The change is expected to roll out in the coming weeks and months, and Spotify said new products will arrive combined in one place going forward.

Previously, both sides had access to effectively the same data sets, in separate dashboards, though each had different perspectives; Spotify For Artists focused on what Spotify considered to be most impactful for artists, such as real-time stats, while Spotify Analytics catered to the needs of labels and distributors, providing a broader overview of their catalogs on the platform. Now each will be working off the same information in the same place.

"Over time, as we've listened to feedback and seen how people use Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics, it's been clear just how collaborative artists and their teams are in analyzing data and planning promotional strategies," the company wrote in its blog post. "Now, with access to the same set of data and insights, and the ability to join in managing an artist’s presence across Spotify, we're looking forward to fostering better collaboration between teams -- especially for artists signed to a label."

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