Tidal Launches New Free Membership Tier For Video Content

Courtesy Photo


Tidal today (April 27) has said it will be unveiling a new free membership tier, where users can sign up with an email address and get ad-free access to Tidal’s various video content without having to pay.

Called Tidal Access, the new free tier will offer four different channels worth of videos: performances, documentaries, conversations and spotlight, the latter of which will be curated by Tidal’s editors and feature selections of its best content from the past several years.

The channels will be streaming non stop, with regularly rotated content, while some of the videos will also be made available to watch on demand. The tier does not include music streaming, which is available at its $9.99/month and $19.99/month premium and hi-fi tiers, respectively.

Tidal, which is available in 55 countries around the world, is making Tidal Access available in the U.S. only.