Record Store Day Moved Over Coronavirus Fears


Record Store Day

"There is no perfect solution," event organizers wrote in the rescheduling announcement.

The 13th annual Record Store Day (RSD), originally scheduled for April 18, has been postponed until June 20 due to the growing threat of coronavirus, organizers announced this morning.

The RSD website already reflects this change, with the countdown clock showing it is now 98 days away. The date change for the worldwide celebration -- which promotes thousands of independent music retailers -- will be enacted globally, according to the organizers.

It joins a lengthy list of events that have been cancelled or postponed due to concern over the virus. There are now more than 125,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, according to the World Health Organization, with that number rising daily.

“We don’t have to tell you that no one knows what things will look like in five weeks, or even five weeks after that," according to the announcement from the RSD organizers. “We don’t have to tell you that things are fluid, changing first weekly, then daily, now seemingly hourly.”

As such, the organizers acknowledge, “there is no perfect solution,” to dealing with the emergency situation created by the pandemic. “We… know you have plans in motion [for April 18], and that some of them may not be able to be replicated on June 20. We are very sorry for any chaos or frustration this decision brings.”

As the event industry continues to take a financial blow from cancellations due to coronavirus, RSD organizers also noted that rescheduling the event would likely mean higher payout, as more people would be able to attend.

"RSD acknowledges the need to be good citizens of both the local and worldwide communities while still giving our participating stores around the world the best chance to have a profitable, successful Record Store Day," organizers wrote.

The event will coincide with more than 400 music releases, making it music retail’s most anticipated of the year -- for many merchants, outperforming the year-end holiday selling season. Last year's RSD helped yield 827,000 vinyl albums sold in the U.S., a new record for the event. Shops in the U.K. also had their best year yet, with 102,000 albums and 33,000 singles sold, organizers said.