Canadian Music Publishers Association Celebrates 70 Years With Name Change

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TORONTO — The Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), founded in 1949, has undergone a name change to Music Publishers Canada, complete with a new logo, it was announced today to coincide with its two-day networking and information event in Toronto.

"The new brand communicates our evolving identity as champions of the rights of music publishers in Canada," said its executive director Margaret McGuffin in a statement. "These are exciting times. The creation and distribution of music in Canada is undergoing rapid and extraordinary change and the role of the music publisher has never been more integral. It has grown into overseeing the creation, promotion and protection of songs and the development of new markets. It encompasses everything from songwriter development to copyright management."  

In addition to the re-brand, the Toronto-based MPA will add programming to better serve its members in furthering business opportunities. Today (Oct. 29), for example, the non-profit is staging a Meet The Music Supervisors, roundtable B2B speed-dating event with U.S. and Canadian music supervisors; as well as a panel discussion called Music and the Filmmaker: Partners in Storytelling, in association with the Toronto International Film Festival; and tomorrow the annual Music Tech Summit, whose focus is self-explanatory.

From Nov. 26 to 29, in London, England, there is the Create UK song camp to team up Canadian and UK songwriters (started in 2016, past markets included Denmark, Germany and the U.S.) and from the 27th to 29th, Create UK B2B for "export-ready Canadian companies" to network with U.K. labels, publishers, music supervisors and industry organizations, set up in partnership with the Canadian Embassy in London, and the UK's Music Publishers Association.