Pandora Adds Song Credits, Including Musicians, to Millions of Tracks

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Credits. Every song has them, but in the age of music streaming services, finding that vital information hasn’t been easy from a user experience standpoint. On Thursday, Pandora joined many of its rivals in giving more credit where it’s due, adding song details for millions of tracks across its library.

To find out who composed, performed and/or produced a track, simply navigate to the song’s page, where a partial list of credits is already visible. To see the rest, click on “See All Song Credits.” The feature is accessible to users across all tiers of Pandora on either the old school website or its desktop app. Credits will be added to the mobile app soon.

Spotify added writer and producer credits to its platform in 2018, but has stopped short at listing performers, such as musicians and singers specifically involved in the making of a song. YouTube has also added some basic credits to official and fan-uploaded content containing recorded music.

Pandora’s more expansive credit system puts it more in line with physical liner notes — though of course nothing beats that. Still, it’s a welcome improvement and advantage over its rivals. Take Warren Zevon’s classic “Werewolves of London.” On Spotify, you learn who wrote and produced the track, but little else. On Pandora, you get a fairly full rundown of the musicians involved -- including some Trivia Night fodder regarding the song's famous rhythm section.