Katie Vinten to Launch Black Diamond Artist Management Company, Signs Justin Tranter: Exclusive

Katie Vinten
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Katie Vinten

Katie Vinten has launched a new management company, Black Diamond Artist Management, Billboard exclusively reveals. The current roster includes Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin Tranter (Justin Bieber, Imagine Dragons), Zach Skelton (Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X), Boy Matthews (Gallant, Hayden James) and Caroline Pennell. Vinten serves as founder of the company.

The idea to form an artist management company came from Tranter, who approached Vinten about being their manager in 2018. Tranter told Vinten they wanted her to help manage their songwriting career and that she should take on clients that add value to what she’s creating for her own career.

“I thought that was really nice and validating to hear that from Justin,” Vinten tells Billboard over the phone from Los Angeles. “I want to work with people and writers and creatives, even if they are already in a publishing deal or tied to a record label, if I connect with [them] and feel like I could take their career to another level. I really wanted to have the opportunity to do so and, for me, a management company would allow me to do that.”

The management company comes nearly 10 months after Vinten announced the formation of Facet Records, an imprint of Warner Bros. Records, and Facet Publishing, both collaborations with Tranter. The pair have worked together since the launch of their songwriting career. In 2012, Vinten joined Warner/Chappell as director of A&R before becoming senior vp and co-head of A&R in 2016. She remains a consultant at both Warner Bros. Records and Warner/Chappell.

Vinten is well aware the job of a manager will be challenging, but she is confident that her skills as a publisher and record label executive will only help her in this new role. “I'm super excited to be able to do it. I feel challenged and really inspired more than ever to create and carry opportunities for songwriters, producers and artists in general,” she says.

“The best managers I worked with when I was on the opposite side of things were managers that put their clients first and really viewed their job as a service job,” she adds. “You're here to serve the talent that has chosen you to help elevate their career and help navigate some often murky waters [in the] music industry and do it with grace … I want to make sure that this roster is curated in a way where it feels good; it feels like we’re creating a family or creating a culture that moves the needle for this next generation of songwriters and of artists.”

A mother of two, Vinten adds that she is very familiar at balancing “the chaos” and is more patient now than she’s ever been. She views every person she works as someone’s son or daughter and it is this mindset that has helped her excel with her clients.

“I understand that every person I work with is someone’s daughter or son, and I really see that on any level, whether they're 16 or 33,” she says. “I want to approach their career with as much kindness and thought and integrity as I would want anyone approaching my children’s career.”

Vinten says she is excited that her clients have “some amazing songs in the pipeline” and hopes to sign her first recording artist in the coming months. The name for her company was inspired, in part, by an experience she had while skiing several years ago when she decided to try the black diamond slope.

“I knew how scared I was on top of the ski slope, but somewhere inside me I knew I could do it. Even though I fell at the bottom of it, it was a huge light bulb moment like, ‘Oh shit, I really can do anything.’ A lot of these limitations are in your mind, literally, and I wanted to provide that mindset to everyone I work with because so much of what holds us back is really within us,” she says. “It has nothing to do with a lack of opportunities. Sometimes it's really being open enough and allowing yourself to be challenged so you can actually see that opportunity even when it’s hard.”



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