Spotify Adds Snapchat Integration, Letting Users Share Music On Stories

Snapchat to Spotify
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Spotify users can now share what they're listening to instantaneously on Snapchat, for sharing with friends directly or posting to Stories. 

The new integration, which Spotify announced today (Sept. 9), works for tracks, playlists, albums, artist profiles and podcasts. After tapping the "share" menu while listening in the Spotify app, users simply select Snapchat from the dropdown list, after which Snapchat automatically opens a new Snap with the full album art included. 

On the other end, if a friend sends you a Snap through the Spotify integration, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap a context card with the song, artist, playlist or podcast info, and then play directly from Spotify. 

The new integration will be available soon across iOS and Android devices, according to a Spotify blog post, though no exact timeline is given.

Spotify has already rolled out similar integrations with Facebook and Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, both Tidal and Pandora have integrations with those apps, while Pandora additionally has Snapchat integration.