Sony Unveils New $900 Touchscreen Walkman

David Ramos/Getty Images


Sony has unveiled a new version of its iconic Walkman -- but don't dust off the old CDs just yet.

The refreshed Walkman NW-ZX507 is a hi-res touchscreen digital music player, capable of streaming music over Wi-Fi using an Android app or storing downloaded music through a microSD slot and USB port. Unveiled yesterday (Sept. 5) at Berlin tech show IFA 2019, the 64 GB model is equipped with 20 hours of battery life and a 3.6-inch HD screen.

The device will be available in Europe from November 2019 for €830, or roughly $917, about the price of a new iPhone. It also supports MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated audio for streaming services like Tidal. 

Sony launched its first Walkman 40 years ago, and is celebrating the anniversary with an exhibit in Tokyo and a separate, limited-edition digital Walkman that's similar to the NW-ZX507 but meant to look like a cassette player. At IFA, the Japanese electronics company also announced a new phone, the Xperia 5, plus speakers and noise-cancelling headphones.