Industry Execs Form Change Is Coming Political Action Committee to Drive Artist & Voter Engagement in 2020 Election

change is coming
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The founders come from Concord, Culture Collective, Paradigm, Shout Factory and more.

A number of leading music industry executives have formed Change Is Coming, a political action committee committed to political change in 2020. 

Among the founders of the PAC are Concord’s Scott Pascucci, Culture Collective’s Jonathan Azu, Paradigm’s Corrie Christopher Martin, Shout Factory’s Richard Foos, attorney Elliot Groffman and former Razor & Tie co-CEO Cliff Chenfeld. ICM Partners political strategists Hannah Linkenhoker and Brandon Sharp are providing advisory services. 

"We formed the Change is Coming PAC to enable artists and the broader music community to leverage their fan bases through social media and live events in order to be as impactful as possible in the 2020 elections. We are in touch with a number of managers and promoters,” says Chenfeld, who serves as the PAC’s treasurer. “Change Is Coming will provide a direct link to activist organizations and experienced individuals who can facilitate effective messaging and other ways to actively engage.  We will coordinate join efforts by the community and provide a direct link to candidates, key strategists, and policy experts to further embed the music business in the broader campaign to impact change in 2020.”

In addition to supporting digital platforms for artists to activate their fans, donations to the PAC will also go toward events and concerts and donations to candidates in critical races. The PAC will support candidates standing up for voter rights, healthcare, social and economic justice, the environment, human rights, fair redistricting, criminal justice reform and ending gun violence. 

The organization will focus on civic engagement and participation, especially in key states that will most impact the presidency, senate and other critical races in 2020, with the goal of helping drive turnout next November. 

The first event for Change Is Coming will be a Sept. 16 lunch in New York with Senator Chris Coons (Del.-D). A launch event in Los Angeles is also being planned. 

While Change Is Coming is unlike to endorse a Democratic candidate during the primaries, each month, the organization will highlight candidates, legislation, ballot initiatives, or other national efforts that need support.

Change Is Coming is in the process of developing a website and advisory board.