Spotify Launches 'Your Daily Drive' Playlist With Personalized Music, News & Podcasts

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images


Both the music and the news updates will be refreshed throughout the day.

In its latest move to bring podcasts to the forefront, Spotify is launching a new personalized playlist called Your Daily Drive on Wednesday (June  11), which will combine music with news updates from popular podcasts produced by outlets including The Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI.

Targeted at commuters, Your Daily Drive will feature music you already enjoy, new tracks Spotify thinks you’ll like and news from “reputable outlets” in a single playlist. Both the music and the news updates will be refreshed throughout the day, so your morning commute playlist shouldn't match your evening lineup. 

Spotify is focused on making podcasts a bigger part of its service, with the company making it known it’s willing spend $500 million this year to improve its podcast offerings. The streaming service inked a deal with former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground to develop and produce exclusive podcasts last week and has already spent north of $300 million acquiring Anchor, known for its easy to use podcast creation tools, and Gimlet Media, producer of shows including Reply All, earlier this year. 

Spotify hasn’t detailed which news outlets will be featured outside of the previously mentioned ones. Your Daily Drive is only available in the U.S. Wednesday, but tests of the personalized playlist have been spotted in Portuguese, so it may not be long before Spotify expands availability of its newest feature outside of the States.