Singer-Songwriter Sasha Siem to Launch Sound Sanctum Records

Sasha Siem
Courtesy of Sound Sanctum Records

Sasha Siem

The cellist's third album "Holy" will serve as the inaugural release.

Sasha Siem is launching a new record label called Sound Sanctum Records, the singer, songwriter and cellist announced Friday (April 12). Sound Sanctum will kick off with the release of Siem’s third album, Holy, in June. 

“Sound Sanctum Records is an ‘artist for artists’ record label founded by women,” said Siem in a statement. “The company is dedicated to the empowerment (spiritual and material) of its artists -- each of whom owns a share of the company and contributes to a global community of artists dedicated to social change and applying their music to build a ‘harmonious world.’ The Label has its own foundation -- which uses sound and music for healing -- and all the artists contribute their time and 10% of their income to a charitable project they are passionate about and personally select.”

Sound Sanctum’s yet-to-be-announced roster will feature artists from a “variety of musical genres,” according to Siem.

In addition to its charitable mission, Sound Sanctum will record “much” of their music at 432HZ as opposed to the standard 440Hz tuning, Siem added. “Researchers have found evidence that 432Hz tuning system produces a more meditative state and helps with bringing healing and balance to the body,” she said.

Siem describes Holy as an album “about the collective experience -- the things that make us human, the aspects of our society that unite us…You are going to hear a mix of genres, messages and musical influences. It’s definitely my most daring, reflective work.”

Originally hailing from London, Siem studied music and poetry at Harvard and Cambridge Universities before going on to compose music for the London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Opera House and the London Philharmonic. Her debut album, Most of the Boys, was released in 2015. It was followed by Bird Burning the following year.

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