Symphonic Distribution Expands to Nashville & Colombia

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Newly-appointed vp business development Randall Foster has been tapped to lead the Nashville operation.

Independent music distribution and marketing company Symphonic Distribution is expanding its operations to Colombia and Nashville, the company announced on Tuesday (April 2). 

"Symphonic has always had its eyes on expanding in locations that we see as unique and inspiring," said Symphonic CEO Jorge Brea in a statement. "It was a natural decision and a part of our plan to look to expand to Colombia and Nashville."

The Nashville expansion will be led by Symphonic vp business development Randall Foster, who recently joined the company from rights-management firm Ole. Brea noted that Symphonic's goal there will be to personalize the its connection to the country-music capital. 

"We've always felt that distribution companies in the Nashville region could do a better job at connecting with the industry and market there," said Brea, "and thus our aim is to get as close to possible to songwriters, artists, publishers, and labels in the region and help give them tools that actually turn into successes."

Meanwhile, Brea noted that the expansion in Colombia is a natural extension of Symphonic's strong presence in the Latin American Market. The company has already made inroads elsewhere in South America with countries like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. "Our goal is to educate and provide fair deals, especially to those that we have seen that haven't had that opportunity in the past with our competitors," he said.

In March, Symphonic announced an expansion in China, where it signed deals with Chinese streaming platforms Tencent, NetEase and Alibaba.

Founded in 2006, Symphonic distributes the music of over 250,000 artists and record labels to retail and streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL and Beatport. The company additionally offers services including strategic marketing and release planning, music video distribution and comprehensive graphic design.