No. 87: Jacqueline Charlesworth & Dina LaPolt | Power 100



Of counsel, Covington & Burling


Founder/owner, LaPolt Law

ONE GAME-CHANGING LAW: Charlesworth and LaPolt played key roles in the passage of the Music Modernization Act, "the first meaningful copyright legislation in this country in 20 years," says Los Angeles-based LaPolt, who worked with the Songwriters of North America and other groups to help push the legislation past some tough opposition -- including SESAC and SiriusXM. Charlesworth drew on litigation work and years at the U.S. Copyright Office and the National Music Publishers' Association to draft the 155 pages that ultimately became the original MMA. "Litigation experience helps you anticipate future problems no matter what you're negotiating," says the New York-based attorney.

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