No. 83: Mary G. Berner | Power 100



President/CEO, Cumulus Media

$1 BILLION REDUCTION IN DEBT: Berner stanched the red ink at once-flailing Cumulus, reducing the radio giant's debt by $1 billion and leading it out of bankruptcy as of June 18. She has also shifted the culture at the nation's second-largest radio broadcaster. "We had to stop thinking of ourselves as a radio business," says the New York-based Berner, who has led an expansion into podcasting with such rising stars as conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro. "We're an audio company, and, soon, a video company," she says, giving a hint of Cumulus' future. "We're a content company."

INDUSTRY CHANGE SHE'D LIKE TO SEE: "I'd like to see radio get the respect it deserves. Its reach is greater than TV, Facebook, Google or Twitter."

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