No. 30: Bob Pittman, John Sykes & Tom Poleman | Power 100



Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia


President of entertainment enterprises, iHeartMedia


Chief programming officer, iHeartMedia

Last Year's Rank: 19

A YEAR WORTH BROADCASTING: Two hundred seventy million monthly broadcast listeners made iHeartMedia No. 1 in overall reach ahead of Google and Facebook.

DIGITAL EXPANSION: With a growing network of podcasts (up 58 percent from 2016) and strong relationships with devicemakers -- particularly SmartAudio principals Amazon and Google Home -- iHeartMedia has become even more ubiquitous as a multiplatform brand during the past year, despite daunting corporate debt. "We're now on 200 platforms and 2,000 devices," says Pittman. That said, radio is still the heart of iHeart. "Radio has been out of favor with advertisers for a while. We're working hard to bring it back into favor," he says, adding: "We're No. 1 in reach over TV and the one place you can go for mass-market impact."

MEMORABLE CONCERT: Sykes "I saw The Who destroy their equipment on their Who's Next Tour. They were truly the first punk rock band."

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