No. 28: Scott Greenstein | Power 100



President/chief content officer, SiriusXM Holdings Inc.

NOW PROGRAMMING FOR 100 MILLION LISTENERS: When the $3.5 billion SiriusXM-Pandora merger became official on Feb. 1, Greenstein took over programming duties for both services, a satellite-and-streaming empire that reaches more than 100 million listeners. (SiriusXM alone has grown from 32 million subscribers in 2017 to more than 36 million last year.) Greenstein has yet to tap into the combined entity’s programming potential, but the company recently announced a satellite channel based on Pandora users' thumbs-up choices and 100 new music channels on the SiriusXM app. Greenstein, who spoke pre-merger and wasn't available for comment afterwards, calls the company "overwhelmingly the best business model in audio."

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