No: 13: Steve Boom & Ryan Redington | Power 100



Vice president, Amazon Music


Director, Amazon Music

CHRISTMAS CAROLS BY THE BILLIONS: Paying subscribers for Amazon's on-demand music service doubled in 2018, says Boom, and now total "tens of millions" -- he declines to be more specific -- an increase the vice president credits to the company's voice-activated Alexa system and Echo smart speakers. "This technology is an opportunity to grow the overall market because it's accessible to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds," says Boom. "It makes music fun and easy for everyone." In December, the Holiday Favorites station logged an unprecedented "billions of streams," says Boom. Redington, who handles industry relations, brokered a Prime Day live performance by Ariana Grande and the sponsorship of CBS' primetime Garth Brooks special, Garth: Live at Notre Dame!

BOOK THAT RECENTLY INSPIRED HIM: (Redington) Stan Cornyn's Exploding: The Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes, and Hustlers of the Warner Music Group

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