Streaming Drives Success of Spain's Top 2018 Artists

Mary Beth Koeth

Rosalía photographed on Dec. 6, 2018 at East, Miami in Miami. 

Streaming rises to 90% of digital activity in a year in Spain “marked by the success of new artists, young artists and women.”

In 2018, a year in Spain "marked by the success of new artists, young artists and women," streaming drove the success of the top songs and albums, according to a new report by Spanish recording industry association Promusicae. Streaming rose to 90 percent of digital activity, with streaming subscriptions totaling over 2.3 million subscribers; and digital music overall comprising 70 percent of Spain's music market.

Spain's top digital song of the year was "Lo Malo," an urban #metoo anthem performed by Aitana and Ana Guerra, two former Operación Triunfo reality competition contestants. Daddy Yankee’s “Dura,” “Sin Pijama” (Becky G and Natti Natasha), "Te Bote”"(Nio García), "Me Niego," performed by ReikOzuna and Wisin made up the rest of the Top 5 in a digital market increasingly dominated by international reggaeton artists.    

Ozuna's Aura took the no. 1 spot on the digital albums’ list, with Rosalía’s EL Mal Querer coming in at No. 2.

On the list of overall album sales, pop star Pablo Alborán came in at No. 1 with his album Prometo; Alborán also had the No. 1 album in Spain in 2017. This year, Alborán was followed by Manuel Carrasco’s La Cruz del Mapa) and Pablo López’s Camino, Fuego y Libertad.

While still awaiting definitive numbers for 2018, Promusicae announced Wednesday (Jan. 30) that sales grew slightly in Spain over 2017’s 232 million euros.