Privacy Startup Canopy Hires Bassey Etim and Matthew Ogle

Courtesy of Canopy


Canopy announced the addition of Bassey Etim and Matthew Ogle on Tuesday (Jan. 15). They will be based in Brooklyn and work to build the company's technical architecture to provide private personalized content.

Etim was previously the community desk editor at the New York Times, and will use his skills to provide a human context and voice to Canopy recommendations.

Ogle recently worked at Instagram and was a product director at Spotify before that. He managed the lauch of Spotify's personalization and discovery features such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix. In his new role at Canopy, Ogle will oversee the consumer product vision to build a broader private personalization architecture. 

Founded by Brian Whitman, also formerly of Spotify, Canopy's mobile app is expected to be released this year. According to its website, Canopy will utilize on-device machine learning -- rather than personal data-scraping algorithms -- to understand and predict what a user will like.

"We’re taking a new approach to personalized discovery," the company said. "One that doesn't require knowing every action you take or every preference you have."

Canopy's early investors include Spotify, WeWork, Splice, MIT Media Lab, Keybase, among others.

Courtesy of Canopy
Bassey Etim
Courtesy of Canopy
Matt Ogle
Matt OgleCourtesy of Canopy