Spotify Hits 200 Million Active Users

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Spotify has added nine million monthly active users in the last couple months, a company spokesperson announced on Thursday. During an interview at this year's CES, global head of communications Dustee Jenkins said the company recently hit 200 million MAUs, up from 191 million outlined in its Nov. 1 financial disclosure.

What isn't clear is how many of those 9 million are actually paying for the service. In November the tally included 87 million paid subscribers and 109 million users of Spotify's ad-supported tier. When it announced Q3 results, the company projected its total premium subscribers to increase to between 93-96 million and its MAUs to between 199-206 million in Q4.

Spotify has scheduled its Q4 earnings call for Feb. 6. Profits have so far eluded the world's largest music streaming service, a topic that was brought up in Jenkins' interview at CES.

"We've said all along, we want to focus on growth," said Jenkins. "We believe in being a profitable company, but first and foremost we have to grow and get to regions of the world that still don't have Spotify. There are still parts of the United States where Spotify is not widely used. So I think the company has done a great job of prioritizing growth and making the service better, because there's a lot of competition and we're only as good as the user thinks we are so we have to continue to enhance our service."