Got 'Wrapped' Envy? New App Compiles 'Year in Review' for Apple Music Subscribers

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An Apple phone is seen after Apple launched iPhone X at the store in Moscow, Russia on Nov. 3, 2017. 

Apple Music has so far refrained from following Spotify's lead to give its users a yearly review of personal listening habits. If you're an Apple subscriber and pining for a "Wrapped"-like screen grab to share with friends -- how else will they know you listened to 94 hours of Drake this year -- there's now an app for that.

Music Year in Review was developed by a startup called NoiseHub, led by Alex Santarelli. It appears to have been created very recently, according to its UX designer, and is geared towards Apple Music users feeling left out from the annual deluge of social media posts generated from Spotify's "Wrapped" feature.

Whereas Spotify's year-end roundup is stacked with data, NoiseHub's app is fairly limited in scope. It compiles how many hours you spent listening to your favorite artist, as well as lists your overall top genre, artist and song. The app also generates a screen with your top five songs and artists -- all with social sharing in mind.

Early reviews of the app in Apple's App Store are... mixed, with most negative responses having to do with bugs and, notably, a requirement to hand over ones email address. "The idea is amazing but the app keeps crashing after I put the email :/" wrote KaueMody. "Harvesting addresses?" asked Clams Maloney. "Is it a marketing scam?" wondered crazyivanov.

Others seem satisfied. "I don't feel so left out no having Spotify!" and "It works as advertised" are common refrains.

Still, imaginary_tour wonders, "This is a cool idea but why can't Apple Music do it on their app instead of a separate one?"