Robbie Williams Wins Conditional Approval to Build Underground Pool Near Jimmy Page's Mansion

Robbie Williams
Roberto Finizio/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Robbie Williams pictured onstage as he performs at X Factor 2016 in Milan.

Robbie Williams' five-year quest to build an underground swimming pool beneath his west London home, despite the objections of a very famous neighbor, have been granted conditional approval by local authorities. The former Take That singer has been going back and forth with Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page, who lives right next door, since he bought the property.

Page has asserted that the construction work needed to build a subterranean swimming hole would be noisy and cause vibrations that could potentially damage his 1881-built mansion, called Tower House. The guitarist's ornate home is vulnerable given its age and the delicate nature of its contents, including stained glass and various antiques.

Page bought the property from actor Richard Harris in 1972. His and Williams' homes are separated by about 42 feet.

At a Kensington Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, councilors decided that work could begin on the pool once an independent audit of vibration and ground movement is found to be acceptable. Planning committee member Quentin Marshall urged the pair to meet and discuss the issue in order to move forward.

"It seems they are not that far apart," he said, according to the Guardian. "It's slightly frustrating. I know the two principles are very busy, but surely they can find a way to talk."

Following the meeting, Page's spokesperson called the council's decision the "beginning of an instructive dialog" and urged Williams to present "proposals that eliminate all risk" to the guitarist's mansion. "From Jimmy's point of view he will be reassured that the committee of councillors are taking the protection of the house seriously," the rep said.