European CMOs PPL & SAMI Partner With Auddly To Fix Metadata Black Hole

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Auddly, the Swedish tech start-up co-founded by Swedish songwriters Max Martin and ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus to solve music's well-documented data problems, has teamed up with European CMOs PPL and SAMI as part of its ongoing efforts to accurately capture song data. 

The partnership will see the U.K.'s PPL and Sweden's SAMI take a leading role in the helping performers ensure that their unique International Performer Number (IPN) is correctly registered in sound recordings' meta data, addressing one of the biggest obstacles to correctly identifying and paying musicians who have played on records.

To help fix the issue, PPL, SAMI and Auddly have introduced their own performer verification mechanism, allowing PPL or SAMI members to verify, retrieve and store their IPN within Auddly, which they can then include on sound recordings they have performed on. 

All three parties say that the initiative will result in a far more detailed record of performers on sound recordings with the inclusion of IPNs, rather than just names, ensuring that musicians get fairly paid for their work. IPN numbers are issued by the Brussels-based not-for-profit Societies' Council for the Collective Management of Performers' Rights (SCAPR), which represents 60 CMOs from 43 countries.    

"Capturing this data accurately and completely from the start enables CMOs to allocate money to performers, so this is a significant step towards securing correct compensation," said Auddly co-founder and CEO Niclas Molinder in a statement. 

"Everyone in the music industry benefits from improved sound recording metadata management," agreed PPL chief executive officer Peter Leathem. He said that more accurate data recording reduces processing costs for organizations like PPL and results in increased returns to performers and record companies. 

Those sentiments were echoed by SAMI CEO Stefan Lagrell, who said that teaming up with Auddly would make the CMO "even more effective in monetising performers rights and collecting for Swedish performers around the world."

Earlier this year, Auddly announced that Elton John was to join the company as an official ambassador. The past 18 months have also seen the company enter partnerships with ASCAP; U.K. performance rights organization PRS for Music; its Swedish counterpart STIM, and Universal Music Publishing Group, the first major publisher to team up with the data hub.