Deutsche Grammophon Turns 120 With Lang Lang Performance and Debut of New 'Star Wars'-Inspired Works By John Williams

Deutsche Grammophon
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Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon celebrated its 120th anniversary on Tuesday with a gala concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. The event featured performances by Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lang Lang, as well as a world premiere of a new composition by John Williams.

"120 years ago, Deutsche Grammophon was already using the best technology to bring classical musicians to the heart of society. That's what we’re still doing today, as we share our artists' recordings and performances with a vast global audience," said Frank Briegmann, president & CEO Universal Music Central Europe and Deutsche Grammophon, referencing the live-stream of the event.

Classical music virtuosos Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lang Lang performed works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart together with the Staatskapelle Berlin conducted by Manfred Honeck. The audience further celebrated works by John Williams, including the world premiere of "Across the Stars," a new piece for violin and orchestra based on motifs from Star Wars, as well as the German premiere of "Markings."

"In a hectic, fast-moving age, people are looking for a place of peacefulness," said Clemens Trautmann, president of Deutsche Grammophon. "They find it by listening to music. Classical music, like no other, fosters the ability to pause and focus. In short: to listen carefully. Therefore, it is becoming ever more important in a world of constant communication and increasing fragmentation of society. Thanks to digital media, music has also become more accessible than ever and the boundaries between genres have become more fluid. Classical music is experiencing a renaissance."