Recording Academy Hosts District Advocate Day Following Passage of Music Modernization Act

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Courtesy of The Recording Academy

Not even two weeks after the passage of the Music Modernization Act (MMA), members of the Recording Academy are already meeting with members of Congress in their home districts to discuss upcoming legislative issues.

More than 1,500 Recording Academy members -- including songwriters, performers, musicians and producers throughout the music industry -- from coast to coast will participate in District Advocate Day today (Oct. 24). The event is the largest grassroots initiative for music in the nation and will feature conversations with numerous candidates in key districts.

"This year, a record number of creators found their voices as advocates. The result of that engagement was passage of the landmark MMA," said Daryl P. Friedman, the Recording Academy's chief industry, government & member relations officer. "Now, as we prepare for a new Congress with a large number of open seats, creators will remind incumbents -- and candidates for seats from both parties -- that their work has value in every district in the country, and their voices must continue to be heard."

In these conversations, music creators will look to address many legislative issues likely to come up in the future, including protecting music creators in international trade deals, ensuring independent creators have an efficient means to enforce copyright and modernizing the copyright office. Additionally, Recording Academy members will discuss funding for the National Endowment of the Art and music education and resolving the long-standing FM radio royalty issue.

District Advocate day will include many Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated names and will celebrate the passage of the MMA into law with music creators thanking those who helped pass the historic legislation.

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