RJ Curtis Named Executive Director of Country Radio Broadcasters & Country Radio Seminar

RJ Curtis
Courtesy Photo

RJ Curtis

Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) and Country Radio Seminar announced on Wednesday (Oct. 17) that RJ Curtis has been named executive director. Curtis will be leaving his role as Nashville editor for All Access Music Group and is set to assume his new role on Nov. 12.

Curtis will be taking over from Bill Mayne, who will be leaving the executive director of the organization almost a decade. Curtis will work alongside Mayne until his departure in May 2019.  

"CRS has been an important part of my professional life for 35 years, never ceasing to challenge, reward, and re-ignite my zeal for our format and its many stakeholders. Concurrently, I'll have the honor of working with Bill Mayne until his triumphant sign-off in May," said Curtis in a statement. "He's been a mentor, brother, and friend to me since 1983, and brought me to my first CRS in 1985, while serving as my PD at KZLA/Los Angeles. Following his legendary stewardship of CRB is a daunting task, and a responsibility I'll take seriously." 

CRB Board President, Kurt Johnson, added: “Among some great candidates for this role, RJ stood out. His unequalled experience and passion for Country Radio, Country music, and CRB made him the right person at the right time. We’re beyond excited to have him lead CRS into its sixth decade.” 

Curtis has served on the CRS Board of Directors since 1999. In addition to holding a spot on the CRS Board, he also is a longtime member of the CRS Executive Committee. Curtis has held previous positions as CRS vice president and chairman of the Country Radio Hall of Fame.