Spotify Launches Integration With Google Maps

Spotify Logo
Courtesy of Spotify


Spotify announced on Monday (Oct. 1) that it will be integrating with Google Maps to provide music to listeners as they go along their journey. The integration will be available on all iOS and Android devices.

Users of the music streaming service will now be able to enable playback controls within Google Maps navigation settings to enjoy music while they travel. When opening Google Maps, there will be a small Spotify icon located in a sidebar through which users will be able to browse songs, albums and playlists. In Spotify, there will be a banner that will return the user to active navigation.

The integration between Spotify and Google Maps follows the success of the music streaming service pairing with Waze back in 2017. The integration will be rolling out over the next few days, and will require users to download an updated version of Spotify and Google Maps in order to use function.