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Spotify Expands Relationship With Nielsen to Help Brands

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Spotify and Nielsen are adding some muscle to their relationship in an effort to give marketers more data to work with when optimizing their national ad spending across the music streaming platform. Spotify’s adoption of Nielsen Brand Effect allows advertisers to "delve more closely into how their messages connect with audiences" on the service and "examine the effectiveness of campaigns in raising brand awareness, perception and purchase intent" across audio, video and display formats across desktop, mobile and other devices.

"As our advertising platform matures, we’ve set out to prove that Spotify is so much more than the cool kid on the block; it’s a valuable platform that delivers major impact for brand advertisers," said Brian Benedik, global head of advertising at Spotify. "With Nielsen’s industry leading measurement tools in our arsenal, we’re able to prove just how big that impact is."

Marketers will be able to use Nielsen Brand Effect to measure ads in the U.S. market as well as Germany, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Spain, France, Netherlands, Japan and Australia. Nielsen already provides its clients access to its Digital Ad Ratings tool to measure audience reach across campaigns on Spotify.

"Modern marketers are increasingly faced with questions across every facet of their advertising execution, and we’re excited to collaborate with Spotify to help provide greater clarity into the campaign optimization process," said Jessica Hogue, svp of digital solutions at Nielsen. "Whether an advertiser is looking to make decisions on creative format, length or placement, Nielsen Brand Effect will be able to help bring real insights based on real people to better inform those choices on maximizing the value of their investments."