Business Juggernaut Flighthouse Launches YouTube Channel

Flighthouse 2018
Courtesy of Flighthouse


In the event you're not a teenager there's a good chance you haven't heard of Flighthouse, ostensibly the original content arm of Hollywood-based Create Music Group. The Flighthouse media brand, which is led by 19-year-old CEO Jacob Pace, is a top channel on with 1 billion-plus monthly views, thanks to its nearly 18 million fans.

Now, Flighthouse is hoping to migrate most of that growing viewership to a new slate of "teen-friendly programming" on its first official YouTube channel (here), with offerings including an interview show with Sebastian Moy, a day-in-the-life series with 10-year-old Piper Rockelle and and adventure/travel show starring Ben Azelart.

"We’ve created one of the most credible music channels on Flighthouse and have grabbed the attention of influencers and brands alike," said Pace. "We are excited to begin building our audience on YouTube, a platform that teens all over the world know and love. The new Flighthouse shows are a magnified representation of each influencer’s brand. On YouTube, original content is king, and we think with these first three series people are going to continue to love and support Flighthouse."

Create Music Group acquired the trademark for Flighthouse for $50,000 in 2017, back when it only had about 1 million fans. It now has upwards of 17.7 million and now produces its shows out of CMG's 25,000-square-foot campus in Hollywood.

"Jacob brought Flighthouse into Create very early in the channel’s life," said Jonathan Strauss, CEO of Create Music Group.  "We both immediately saw the potential of Flighthouse becoming this generation’s MTV and Nickelodeon and with this new vertical on YouTube, where kids get their content and where we have an immense amount of expertise, it is a very important first step in realizing this potential."

Watch a preview for the new channel below: