Prince's Bible, Stage-Worn Clothing and Personal Documents Up for Auction

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NPG Records 2015
Prince performs onstage during the 'HitnRun' tour at The Fox Theatre on April 9, 2015 in Detroit.

On July 21, Heritage Auctions will be auctioning off 27 items personally owned by the late singer Prince in Dallas, Texas. The items come directly from the archive of Prince’s former bodyguard, as confirmed by Billboard.

All of the items, which include everything from a personally owned and worn blue silk suit to a Jehovah’s Witness Bible, come with a certificate of authentication. Some of the online listings, like the white metal ear cuff and Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, even include photos of Prince wearing the items.

Also included in the auction are various documents, such as unused bank checks and a note to a lawyer -- with opening bid prices at 500 and 750 dollars, respectively.

In a press release from Heritage Auctions, consignment director Mike Gutierrez said, “Prince’s musical and cultural impact can not be overstated. He was a brilliant musician, singer, composer, director. Anything relating to Prince has significant appeal to collectors, but to have lots like this, that he owned and wore, represents and extraordinary trove of treasures from one of the great musical influencers of our generation.”

The Prince Estate confirmed it is not associated with the auction and says it "has requested the return of any items belonging to the Estate."