Spotify Tests Ad-Skipping Option for Free Users in Australia

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images


As of Monday (July 2), free Spotify users in Australia will be able to start skipping ads as a part of the company’s new Active Media initiative. This innovative feature allows users to choose whether they wish to listen to, view or skip targeted ads and only requires advertisers to pay if the ad is completed.

From this new feature, advertisers will be able to learn more about consumers. As a result, ads will become more personalized based on the user’s experience -- much like with Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlist.

To ensure that there are advertisements that fit the format of this new development, Spotify has also launched the Be Heard initiative to give Australian creative agencies like Cummins&Partners Sydney and Isobar Sydney the chance to innovate in audio advertising with the new feature in mind.

“At Spotify we’re committed to delivering the best possible free user experience. Active Media is a win-win for listeners and advertisers; listeners benefit from an improved experience, allowing them to choose which ads they want to engage with, and in turn, we can offer advertisers better cut through and ROI,” said Andrea Ingham, head of sales, Spotify, Australia and New Zealand. "While Active Media certainly evolves our video products for today, it will redefine the audio format for tomorrow."