Discogs Hits Milestone With 10 Million Releases: Exclusive

Courtesy of Discogs

Discogs, the online vinyl and CD marketplace now in its 18th year, announced Thursday (June 28) that it has surpassed another milestone: the site now has over 10 million releases.

This was achieved with the help of over 400,000 contributors who compiled a massive database filled with release information, artists, images and more. The company reached 9 million releases in October 2017. 

"I feel incredibly proud that Discogs Contributors believe in the mission of cataloging the world's music so much that we have reached this remarkable milestone," said Nik Kinloch, Chief Product Owner, Discogs. "It has been amazing to watch the Database grow and improve over the years and I am very excited to help develop new features like our Tracks project. The possibilities and uses of the Database continue to grow for Discogs, and I'm sure there are many more milestones ahead."

Discogs was founded by then-Intel programmer Kevin Lewandowski in 2000, who launched it a hobby to catalog his collection of electronic albums. The site evolved into a user-generated database resembling a wiki, and tried a paid membership model before 2007, when it added a consumer-to-consumer marketplace feature where fans could buy and sell vinyl.

The company, which has accumulated over 4.9 million users, also revealed that it has roughly 42 million releases for sale in the marketplace, spawning a 200 million impact on the global music industry in 2017.  

In February, Discogs unveiled a new leadership structure and began rolling out a new set of initiatives. Longtime operations chief Chad Dahlstrom became the company's CEO, and Lewandowski announced that he would shift his energies towards broadening the company's focus beyond just the history and marketplace of music towards film, comics, posters, books and more.