Twitter Reacts to IHOP Becoming IHOb

Nick Ut/AP/REX/Shutterstock 

An IHOP restaurant sign is shown in Burbank, Calif. 

It's been a rough morning for pancake lovers. The mystery of IHOP's pending name change to IHOb has been solved: the 'b' stands for burgers, and not everyone is appreciative.

This polarizing announcement (of course) set Twitter flipping, with many being outraged by a change from the legendary "IHOP." 

A spokesperson says that the name change is not permanent, but more of a temporary change to promote its new burger line. While the breakfast-favorite chain has specialized in pancakes since 1958, it also has offered burgers since that date as well. With hopes to shed the spotlight on its burger menu, it is adding new burger options to its menu, including a special "Breakfast Burger" featuring bacon, a fried egg and a browned potato. 

Check out the restaurant chain's official statement below, and some Twitter reactions, including a diss from Wendys: