At Midem Snap & Geffen Execs Sing Praises of Snapchat Promotion; Scooter Braun Playfully Prods

Neil Jacobson
Courtesy of Universal Music

Neil Jacobson

“Every time we collaborate I see a track explode,” Geffen president Neil Jacobson said of the app.

All talk of tech and music aside, one could argue the highlight of Geffen Records president Neil Jacobson and Snap vice president of partnerships Ben Schwerin's conversation at Midem in Cannes, France, on Wednedsay (June 6) was when pal Scooter Braun got up to ask a question from his seat in the audience. 

“Neil, I really appreciate you being here and being such a family man,” said Braun, who then turned to Schwerin. “Ben you are such a successful man. But what will it take for you to finally settle down, you incredible stud?”

To this, Schwerin gamely answered: “I am very focused on work but Scooter, I’m a big fan of your wife. She has amazing taste and I’m just waiting for her to set me up with the right girl.”

The end note was the finishing touch to a conversation that delved on Snapchat as a tool to promote music, specifically through its filters, which “augment” reality, and -- most recently -- its Lens Studio app. According to Schwerin, 3 billion snaps are created every day and making music part of the conversation was imperative. 

“Every time we collaborate I see a track explode,” said Jacobson of the app.

Using rising artist Yungblud as an example, the panel included a video where Yungblud touted Lens Studio, then demonstrated how he’d created a lens to promote single “Psychotic Kids.” Not only is the actual design of the lens easy to use, but artists can also pick what part of their song will go with their post, then post the code to any of their social media. 

“The future of this business lies in augmented reality,” said Jacobson. “That is everything to me.”