Super Bowl Bump: Justin Timberlake Streams Jump 214 Percent on Spotify

Justin Timberlake saw a surge in Spotify streams after his Super Bowl halftime performance. In the hour following the Philadelphia Eagles’ win over the New England Patriots, Timberlake's streams on the platform jumped 214 percent.

The songs that saw the biggest increases were “Until The End of Time,” “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors,” with Timberlake’s cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U” leading to a massive 914 percent rise in streams for the original track. Prince's catalog also benefited from the halftime tribute, making gains of 205 percent on Spotify.

Here's the halftime set and their streaming jumps:

• Filthy (266%)
• Rock Your Body (300%)
• Señorita (291%)
• SexyBack (332%)
• My Love (203%)
• Cry Me A River (329%)
• Suit & Tie (553%)
• Until The End Of Time (671%)
• I Would Die 4 U - Prince cover (916%)
• Mirrors (537%)
• Can’t Stop The Feeling! (148%)

Other artists featured in the night’s commercials got streaming boosts. Streams of Skylar Grey’s rendition of “Stand By Me,” featured in a Budwiser spot, and Will Powers’ “Adventures In Success,” tapped for Squarespace, increased by 408 percent and 672 percent, respectively.

Super Bowl 52