No. 12: Martin Bandier | Power 100



Chairman/CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Last Year's Rank: 7

A MOST PROFITABLE 2017: Bandier led Sony/ATV, the world's largest publishing company, to, he says, its most successful year in terms of revenue and profit -- fueled in part by the work of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff, plus deals with all three of the original writers of the pop smash "Despacito": Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee  and Erika Ender.

THE STRAW THAT STIRS THE STREAMING DEBATE: Bandier leads the publishing business in pushing for better streaming payouts, and in 2017 Sony/ATV reached new deals with Spotify and YouTube and its first with Facebook as streaming revenue for the first time accounted for more company revenue than physical and download sales combined. "For publishers, streaming still isn't fair," he says, "but all ships rise."

BIGGEST ISSUE THE INDUSTRY FACES: "In the music publishing area, we have a Copyright Royalty Board ruling that will set streaming rates for the next five years. It's very significant."

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