No. 34: Kevin Kelleher | Power 100



COO, Sony Music Entertainment

Last Year's Rank: 37

SECURED SONY'S STREAMING FUTURE: SME's leadership team reportedly closed deals with its most important digital partners -- Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon -- which ensures continued growth in paid subscriptions: the key behind the industry's main revenue stream now.

GROWTH WITH PROFITS: In the first half of fiscal 2017, Kelleher led SME's contribution to the $517.9 million in operating income the company reported, a 77.6 percent increase over the $341.2 million that the Sony Music companies produced during the prior six months.

POTENTIAL INDUSTRY PITFALL: "A slowdown [in the growth] of paid subscribers. Buyers are assuming things will stay healthy for the next decade, which is why you see valuations in the marketplace that carry crazy multiples."

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