No. 74: Don Passman | Power 100



Partner, Gang Tyre Ramer Brown & Passman

Last Year's Rank: New

MUSIC’S A-LIST ATTORNEY: Taylor Swift and Adele are just two of the superstar artists that Passman reps, although the full list of his clients (which he won’t divulge) extends into every corner of the industry. A 10th edition of the Los Angeles-based father of four’s required-reading book, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, is due out later this year with the rise of streaming set to be an integral element.

SEISMIC SHIFT: “Never in the history of the business has there been this profound change in the way that recorded music is monetized,” says Passman. “We have shifted to a model where what the artists get paid has nothing to do with a specific transaction, but how many people are listening to their music.”

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