No. 61: Kathy Willard | Power 100



CFO, Live Nation Entertainment

Last Year's Rank: New

ACHIEVEMENT OF THE YEAR: Willard begins 2018 with Live Nation’s stock hovering near its record-high $45.34 a share, and during the first nine months of 2017 revenue was up 19 percent, with operating income up 26 percent. She also hints that several major acquisitions are on the horizon.

BIG ANNIVERSARY: The industry vet this year celebrates two decades at Live Nation, a company she has been with since its Clear Channel days. “I’m most proud of the work we do to take care of our employees,” says Willard, who has offered housing and emergency assistance to staffers and their families affected by severe flooding in both Florida and Texas and by devastating wildfires in Northern California’s wine country.

BIGGEST ISSUE THE INDUSTRY FACES: “Continued responsibility to women in the business to help them grow and succeed. It’s time for support, healing and moving forward.”

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