Maroon 5 Manager Jordan Feldstein Remembered as a 'Leader in Every Sense of the Word'

Jordan Feldstein
Courtesy of Donovan PR

Jordan Feldstein

At a funeral this week, Career Artist Management general manager Adam Harrison called Feldstein "the smartest guy in the room -- at all times."

Jordan Feldstein, Maroon 5's longtime manager, died from a heart attack on Saturday at the age of 40. As CEO and founder of Career Artist Management (CAM), Feldstein also also helped guide the careers Miguel, Robin Thicke, Elle King, Big Boi and other artists. At Feldstein's funeral this week, Career Artist Management general manager Adam Harrison remembered Feldstein as the "the smartest guy in the room -- at all times." 

"He was two steps ahead of all of us," he said. "Jordan could always see the big picture, even when others couldn't."

Below, read Harrison's speech in full. 

When Lauren Mares-Maguire, Jordan’s chief of staff, called me at 1 a.m. on Friday, all shaken, and reported the terrible news, my first instinct was to call Jordan and let him know what happened, because he would know how to deal with it and what to do. 

Because Jordan always knew what to do. 

We worked together for 15 years and I’ve never met anyone like him. 

Jordan knew the music business inside and out. He was a leader in every sense of the word.  

He had no problem taking or making a call in the middle of the night.

Jordan was the toughest person I knew. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

He could look at you with his nose flaring, knowing something happened, or needed to be done immediately. Jordan could say "no" quicker than anyone I’ve ever met.  

Almost every time, he was in the right.   

He had that instinct. He was not intimidated by anyone... Ever... Or of any situation for that matter.  

And… What I’ve always said was his best trait -- he was the smartest guy in the room -- at all times. He was two steps ahead of all of us.  Jordan could always see the big picture, even when others couldn't.   

Everyone who walked through the doors of CAM undoubtedly learned something from Jordan, whether it was about branding recognition or perseverance. He blazed a path for us moving forward.

With CAM, he built an influential and unshakable foundation. He built a company that is recognized worldwide. He built a company that is revered by those in the business.

He was so passionate about his work and, as I think you would agree, he devoted his life to it.

He worked so hard, so long and so smart to create something that will last and that was his own, and, in doing so, made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry.

CAM is Jordan’s vision come to life. 

We, his colleagues, clients, friends -- the entire family -- who are so grateful for what he did for us --  for all of us -- will always remember Jordan. His proudest accomplishment, his two wonderful children, Josh and Charlie, will carry on that spirit we all recognize and love in him. 

With this, I have a message for them… Your dad is there for you, forever. Even if he can’t pick up that 1 a.m. call right now, his memory and love will guide you no matter the hour.

I will always look up to Jordan. He will always be a guiding voice when it comes to this industry. He was a friend, a teacher and a leader. Working for him was an intense but amazing experience that has shaped me.

I believe that he’s with us right now. In this moment, his family, friends and clients will grow together stronger than ever. We know that’s what he would’ve wanted. 

We thank you Jordan, we pray you’re at peace and we’ll always love you.