Music Reports Hits 1 Million Songs Claimed Using Songdex Rights Database

Music Reports' rights database Songdex has hit a new milestone, helping music publishers claim more than 1 million songs since its claiming system was launched last year

The free Songdex Claiming System allows publishers to claim recordings that embody their songs, offering a valuable tool to clear up publishing information for the millions of tracks -- most of which come from independent artists -- that are digitally distributed online through such platforms as TuneCore and CD Baby. 

Songdex tracks more than song ownership, but also has the whole chain of rights from the composer to publishers to sub-publishers. It also includes related business information, such as contact information and the owner or administrator's preferred method of payment. 

"We knew when launching the Songdex Claiming System that publishers would gradually realize how valuable a tool it is, and with more than 1 million tracks claimed, it's safe to say people are catching on," said Bill Colitre, vice president and general counsel of Music Reports, Inc. in a statement. "And while we're excited that so many publishers have now experienced the unprecedented transparency and access the system provides, we're even more excited to see that publisher engagement with the system has been accelerating over the past three quarters."

Music Reports says it processes upwards of 250,000 new sound recording metadata rows each day. Much of that is duplicative, but the technology platform says the total number of new recordings is growing and nearing 1 million per month. Many of those songs are recordings of songs that have never been registered anywhere by their owners, are cover recordings or tracks with metadata anomalies that cause errors in their matching with the correct corresponding song data.