HAAWK, Which Tracks Down Revenue for Rights Holders, Buys RoyaltyClaim and TuneRegistry

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HAAWK, a rights management and content monetization firm started by Ad-Rev co founder Ryan Born, has acquired RoyaltyClaim and TuneRegistry. Terms of the deal were not disclosed although Haawk had previously raised $2.5 million in seed venture capital from Rincon Venture Partners.

Prior to this current acquisition, HAAWK bought certain assets from Dart Music, which specialized in cleaning up music rights metadata, among other rights management services. That company filed for bankruptcy last summer and its assets were sold in separate deals to HAAWK and Core Rights LLC this fall.

As part of the current deal, RoyaltyClaim founder Dae Bogan will become CEO of HAAWK while Born will retain the titles of chairman, president and CFO.

"HAAWK’s mission is to create and retrieve newfound revenue for rights holders," Born said in a statement, adding that the acquired RoyaltyClaim and TuneRegistry operations are a perfect fit with his company’s capabilities. "These are exceptional individuals that have created differentiated products that align perfectly with HAAWK’s mission," he said.

The acquired operations initially specialized in providing tools and services to help D-I-Y artists monetize their music. 

TuneRegistry was created with the aim of allowing songwriters to act as their own publishers and manage their song rights by providing them a software platform that allows them to register their music with the various collection management organizations and performance rights organization around the globe for both music publishing and neighboring rights.

Meanwhile, RoyaltyClaim tries to find and help process unclaimed royalties by gathering pending and unmatched data from various CMOs (collection management organizations) and PROs (performance rights organizations); and enables the rights holder to search and claim their royalties from those organizations.

Both acquired properties will expand HAAWK’s capabilities and potential client base, according to Bogan. As it is, HAAWK specializes in realization of monetization from songs used in user-generated content on Youtube, a capability that will replicate well with Facebook.