Brandon Frankel Exits Paradigm to Form Contra Inc.

EvanĀ Paeth
Brandon R. Frankel

Brandon Frankel is leaving his position as svp of Brand Partnerships & Creators Initiative at Paradigm Talent Agency to form his own multi-faceted consulting firm Contra Inc.

"We are technically an ‘agency,’ but we aren’t calling it that, hence the name of the company,” Frankel tells Billboard. Contra Inc. will handle brand partnerships, talent representation, brand consulting, event and experiential production, digital advising and include a roster of the Creators Initiative clients Frankel amassed at Paradigm and bring them in-house at his new firm.

“Though the decision to leave Paradigm and start my own shop wasn’t an easy one, I really enjoyed the new business I helped start at the company. I want to focus more on expanding and growing the representation of brands and talent outside traditional TV, film, and music and focus on content creators, digitally native talent, graphic and street artists, designers, and more,” says Frankel. 

“He’s a super awesome dude. Brandon knows his stuff. I’m excited to work with him and his team in his new venture,” says Kristen Hancher in a statement provided to Billboard. Hancher is a digital super star of Instagram, YouTube and and one of many clients that will move with Brandon to the newly formed Contra Inc. Additionally, Brandon will share several clients with his former partners at Paradigm, which Frankel says “I’m very excited to be able to still collaborate with my former colleagues. It’s very thrilling for me to keep the relationship going.”

“Brandon has so much energy and love, he reminds me of the Sun. He spreads light and love into every room he walks into and gives everyone the needed boost to make deals happen, but happen with love and a smile, so I’m super stoked to be working with the Sun!” says street artist Kai, known for his iconic murals, cement-based characters and Champion limited-edition collaboration,

Additionally, Contra Inc. will be announcing several new employees, partnerships, and joint ventures iincluding a partnership with Japanese-based “andtokyo” agency, who work closely with various international and domestic clients to create content and help brands create new experiences through events, festivals, and digital content. Clients include Toyota Lexus, Red Bull, Vice Japan, Corona, Reebok, Shisheido, Remy Martin, Creativeman, Cartier Japan, StarFes14 and more.

“We are very excited to work closely with Brandon and the Contra Inc. team to create impactful experiences not only in Asia and America, but on a global scale as well,” says “andtokyo” founder Toyoki Tanizaki in a statement.

“I have been amazed by 'andtokyo' and their tenacity, attention to detail, and their vast web of relationships across various brand categories,” says Frankel. “They are quick, communicative, and amazing at what they do. I’m excited to take over the world with them," later adding, "I like to keep things fun and interesting, while doing the best work possible for my clients and the brands we work with. I pride myself in true partnerships that are symbiotic and long-lasting. I look forward to carrying this on with Contra."