Yandex.Music Streaming Service Becomes Russia's Top Non-Game App

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The mobile app of a leading Russian music streaming service, Yandex.Music, has landed the country's biggest non-game mobile app in revenue, based on sales in App Store and Google Play, according to a recent report by App Annie.

App Annie would not reveal the actual revenue figure, and similarly, Yandex, "the Russian Google," which runs Yandex.Music, doesn't do separate accounting for the streaming service.

However, Yandex.Music app has been installed between 10 million and 50 million times from Google Play so far, compared with between 1 million and 5 million installations of the app of Zvooq, the closest homegrown competitor to Yandex.Music.

The Yandex.Music app has been gaining momentum since the previous study by App Annie, released in January 2017. Back then, Yandex.Music was in fourth place.

In total, Yandex.Music had 250,000 subscribers in Russia as of early 2017, the most recent available figure. According to local media reports, Apple Music has over 600,000 and Google Play Music around 100,000, but neither Apple nor Google have confirmed those numbers.

The Yandex.Music app can be downloaded for free, and users of the streaming service are charged 1,690 rubles ($29) a year or 169 rubles ($2.9) a month after a 30-day trial period.

However, Yandex.Music is likely to face more severe competition in the future as Yandex' major competitor, Mail.Ru Group, which runs social networking websites VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, also recently launched a streaming music service, Boom. It also runs apps available from the App Store and Google Play.

Currently, Yandex.Music has over 35 million tracks in its catalog and attracts a monthly audience of over 20 million users.

Earlier this year, it became Russia's first music streaming service to enter an integration deal with Facebook, under which users will be able to share 30-second excerpts from music tracks they stream with their friends on the social network.