Fifth Harmony's Lawyer on Setting the Group Free: 'They Own Their Brand Now'

Lawyer Dina LaPolt works with Britney Spears, Steven Tyler and since, 2015, Billboard cover stars Fifth Harmony, which she helped take control of its contracts and creativity.

Where did you start?
Me, Larry [Rudolph] and Dan [Dymtrow, their managers] said, “What do you want to do?” And they were like, “Wow, no one ever asked us.”

Courtesy Photo
Dina Lapolt 

They credit you with a lot of their progress.
We had a long-term strategy for the girls, which first and foremost included their emotional and mental health.

Is this the first album of many from the four-person 5H or the last one before they all go solo?
It’s whatever they want. They own their brand now. The things they want individually and as a group are not mutually exclusive. Look at Steven Tyler, who has a huge solo career but at the same time, a huge band he has been in for 45 years. You can have it all, baby. This is America!   

This article originally appeared in the July 22 issue of Billboard.